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e-Learning Objects

Read this setup information ...

1. Download or link to e-Lo's
Broadband - Click on an e-Lo link. It will display in your browser window. Go to step 3.
Dial up connections - right click on the link. The e-Lo will save to your computer.

2. Display the e-Lo in your web browser
locate the e-Lo on your computer. Open your browser and go to the menu "file > open". Choose the downloaded e-Lo to open.

3. "Maximise" your browser window
There are various ways of doing this, depending on your browser and computer type.
For PC users with Internet Explorer, toggling the F11 key will make the window occupy virtually all your computer screen.

4. Use the FlashPaper navigation controls
You will find controls to enlarge or reduce the slide size, and to go forwards and backwards in the presentation. You cn also print each "slide".

e-Lo's in lessons and more ....

There are various ways of using e-Lo's in lessons and activities:

Connect a projector to  your computer and display for classes or groups.

Focus Material
Every "screen" in the e-Lo's is printable. Print images and use them in your lessons and activities.

 Students can use e-Lo's online, or they can be saved to computer or disk for use offline or at home.


flashpaper sampleHELP! I can't open the FlashPaper file!!

If the FlashPaper file won't open, try this:

In your browser file menu, select "open", then select the FlashPaper file. The FlashPaper e-Lo will open in your browser.



How can I use FlashPaper e-Lo's in the classroom?

The content of the e-Learning objects (e-Lo's) is sourced from the Making Multicultural Australia website. It dovetails with the New South Wales school curriculum. Therefore they are ideal to incorporate into your programs and lessons:

e-Lo's for incorporation

During the planning of your unit of work, include e-Lo's as a stand alone lesson, or as part of a series of lessons or focus question.

e-Lo's for discussion

How does the material presented in the e-Lo's relate to your students own experiences? Are there any aspects presented which provoke a strong response?

e-Lo's for exploration

Use the e-Learning objects as a springboard for student research. For example, after viewing an e-Lo, direct students to explore the topic further on this website, or more broadly on the internet.

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