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One of Australia's leading sources of quality educational resources on multiculturalism.

Teaching resources and strategies to understand cultural diversity and tolerance.

More than 3500 pages of articles, research, teacher guides, lesson plans, audio interviews, video clips, Australian multicultural artworks.

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Victoria's cultural diversity

  • See Yup Joss House (Extension), 1866

    Victoria as the heartland of diversity (before 1900)

    Before the arrival of white British settlers in the mid 1830s, the area now known as Victoria was inhabited by 36 Aboriginal community and language groups whose members were connected by marriage and kinship. More...

  • Australian Natives Association gift plaque

    Victoria under White Australia

    The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 that established the White Australia Policy was one of the first laws passed by the new federal parliament. More...

  • Sydney Road Brunswick

    Victoria's resurgent diversity

    Embarking on the post-war reconstruction of Australia, the Government abandoned its earlier fixation with “Britishness” and actively pursued a mass migration program from Europe, championed by the first federal Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell. More...

  • Turkish Immigrants

    Victoria discovers multiculturalism

    The Whitlam federal Labor Government, elected in 1972, changed Australia’s immigration and citizenship policies, finally ending discrimination on the basis of race, colour or nationality. More...

  • Chinese Fish - Entrance Display, Chinese Musuem Melbourne

    Making multiculturalism work

    By the late 1980s the Labor government had established a strong ethnic affairs policy, with close links to the labour movement. It had created support for various organisations such as migrant workers’ centres in some of the major trade unions. More...

  • Mediterranean Food Store, Sydney Road Brunswick

    Embedding multiculturalism in Victoria

    By the time the Labor Party returned to government in Victoria in 1999 under Premier Steve Bracks, the national government under Prime Minister Howard was moving quickly away from previous policies on multiculturalism. More...

  • African singer, Tampa Day 2007

    Victoria's Changing Communities

    By 2006 the top ten source countries for migrants to Victoria were: India, New Zealand, China (not including SARs and Taiwan), U.K., Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Sudan and Afghanistan. More...

  • Celebrations at Caufield

    Religious diversity in Victoria

    Australia is a secular society that separates church and state. It also protects the rights of people to religious freedom. More...

  • Art and Cultural Diversity in Victoria

    Art and Cultural Diversity in Victoria

    Cultural diversity is often experienced and expressed through the arts, Whether it be in the performances at inner city venues such as La Mama or Boite, or in the Victorian Art Centre's Mix it Up program, the arts build community, open up understanding, and challenge prejudices. More...

  • Queensland's cultural diversity

    • Camels carrying flour in a dry season

      Colonial Queensland ...

      The first recorded contact by Europeans with Queensland was by the Dutch ship Duyfken in 1606 near Weipa on the Gulf of Carpenteria.

    • Kanaka labourers on a Queensland pineapple plantation, 1890s.

      Queensland's Island trade ...

      The growing resentment among Europeans against non-Europeans, focusing in Queensland on the Chinese, the South Sea Islanders and to a lesser extent the Japanese, had already found expression in the 1885 Election Act.

    • Italian canecutter

      Assimilating into Queensland society ...

      Federation brought many cultural changes to the new state, not the least of which was an inflow of immigrants from southern Europe who replaced the Islander and Asian workers in the sugar industry.

    • Ukrainian young dancers

      Queensland's emerging diversity ...

      The 1970s were a time of dramatic change in Australian society. White Australia had been abandoned by governments of both conservative and Labor perspective, and policy changes following Australia’s experience with the Colombo plan meant that permanent Asian immigration would begin.

    • Painting by Towfiq Al-Qady

      Queensland's multicultural turn ...

      Since the early 1990s Queensland governments have become increasingly involved in advancing the benefits of cultural diversity to Queensland.

    • The Courier-Mail newspaper

      Combating racism in Queensland ...

      The settlement of northern Australia was part of an expanding drive by white Europeans to invade and take control of lands that had belonged to Indigenous peoples for millenia.

    • Illustration

      Queensland's Chinese communities ...

      In all likelihood, the Chinese knew about Australia well before Europeans arrived.

    • Photo of New settlers, Brisbane 2005

      Queensland's New Millennium ...

      Looking back, we can see that Queensland discovered multiculturalism step by step.

    • Graph showing 2001 Census of religious affiliations

      Religion, values and spirituality in Queensland ...

      Societies and the communities that make them up are held together through shared beliefs and rituals.

    • Srilankan dancers

      Asia and Queensland ...

      Asia encompasses a very large geographical area, and many dozens of nations and cultures.

    • Contemporary Issues

    • Inside the Auburn Mosque thumbnail

      Islam and Islamophobia ...

      Since 9/11, has it been "open season on Muslims" in Australia?
      What is Islamophobia and is it racism?

    • Boat people image projected on the Opera House thumbnail

      Refugees and Asylum Seekers ...

      What are the facts and the myths about asylum seekers?
      What do children in detention draw?

    • Bali bombing monument thumbnail

      Terrorism ...

      Look at the Timeline of September 11, 2001.
      Who is a terrorist?

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    Chinese-Australian History (1788-1988):

    View a detailed visual presentation of the history of Australia's Chinese community (1788-1988) through the Australian Museum's 50-metre long "Harvest of Endurance".

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