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How do I use e-Learning Objects ?

Many of the e-Learning Objects are flashPaper files. They are .swf files that are designed to be viewed in a web browser.

You can view them in your browser by clicking on their link, or right click on your mouse and save them to your computer.

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Example e-Lo's

(links open in a new window) WARNING - large file sizes - up to 1Mb. High speed connection recommended

photo of man looking away from buildings
Case studies in Multiculturalism »

magazine clipping of migrants from the 1950's
The Year of the Millionth Migrant »

painting by australian refugee
Paintings by Refugees »

hsc artwork
HSC Artworks »


e-Lo's and the Classroom

Many teachers have great difficulties in bringing the internet and digital media into their classrooms. They may have slow internet connections, they may have an insufficient number of computers to conduct web-based lessons with a whole class of thirty students, or some of their computers may not have fast enough multimedia capacity.

The development of electronic Learning Object (e-LOs) is a way of attempting to get around some of those problems by providing greater flexibility for the teacher. The development of e-LOs is an 'object-oriented' approach to digital content, design and development. Learning or knowledge objects are designed as content kernels, consisting of one or more files designed to stand alone, or to contribute to a learning sequence created by the teacher to suit their specific learning and teaching requirements.

Provided here is a growing collection of 'downloadable' useful files, including simple graphic PowerPoint files for classroom presentations and easy modification, along with some more complex materials for the more experienced computer-using teacher.

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