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Lessons most appropriate for 'Stage 3'
  Are We All the Same?
Film posters have been used from Making Multicultural Australia as a stimulus for these two lessons. The diversity of the Australian population is further investigated through reading material from the Racism. No Way! website. Three work sheets are included to support classroom activities.
This lesson looks at clothing as a reflection of one’s identity.
  Food Needs - Halal
This lesson uses two photographs from Making Multicultural Australia as a stimulus for investigating foods for special needs. In this case the focus is on Islamic dietary requirements and the implications for Muslims wanting to shop for Halal food in Australia.
  How Did I Become Me?
In these two lessons students view two video excerpts from Making Multicultural Australia to trigger consideration of the importance of names and naming to identity and a sense of self. Students will investigate how they were named and consider the significance their names have for them and others. A case study and question sheet is included to support classroom and homework activities.
  My Language
This sequence of lessons uses video excerpts, a quiz and articles from the Making Multicultural Australia website to raise awareness that many Australians speak a language other than English and that use of first language is a right and is important for identity. The notion of productive diversity is also introduced.
  Places of Worship
This lesson uses images from Making Multicultural Australia as stimulus to familiarise students with the built environment, specifically the cultural and functional uses of houses of worship. This lesson idea can be used over two or more lessons.
These three lessons are an introduction to information about refugees and related issues. Students develop an understanding of the terms ‘asylum seeker’, ‘refugee’, ‘migrant’ and ‘illegal migrant’. Students also investigate from where in the world refugees have fled to come to Australia and some of the feelings that might be associated with flight and relocation. There are also numerous ideas for extension activities.
  What's for Lunch?
A video excerpt and photograph from Making Multicultural Australia are used during these two lessons to stimulate discussion on the variety of food students eat and how this may vary between cultures. Factors contributing to food difference are explored. Worksheets are included to support classroom and homework activities.
  Who Lives Here?
This lesson uses a picture, quiz and historical information from Making Multicultural Australia, as well as a statistical printout, to investigate the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australia and of the local area. Students explore Australia's multilingual population of the past and today. A worksheet is included to guide students through the discussions in the lesson.