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Arts for a Multicultural Australia

Pauline Chan.

Pauline Chan, film actor and Director, speaks about the changes in the roles for characters in films.



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27 June 2002


Making Multicultural Australia


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Film actor and director

I think things have changed tremendously in the last fifteen years that I’ve been here. For a start, there are more Asian roles written and people also - casting consultants - are saying, “Well there’s a secretary in the story, can it be Greek, can it be Italian, can it be Chinese?” But fifteen years ago that wasn’t the case, they were the people that would say, “Oh no, no, the Asian or the Greek will stand out too much amongst the cast, we are making too strong a point here, everyone’s frightened by any kind of political implication” when actually it’s doing the opposite. Also there are Asian directors and Asian writers today, that’s… I think the government, the funding bodies and the film schools’ intake and... all have improved from my point of view, about opening the doors for the multiculturalism, embracing the government’s policy a lot more than fifteen years ago.

Interview for Making Multicultural Australia, 1995.