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  Bruce Petty, Cartoon
Petty, Bruce
A Bruce Petty, Cartoon, on Multiculturalism and Immigration.
Format: jpg | Size: | Length: 494x696 | Date Added: 23 July 2002 | | VIEW |
  Fears of Chinese migration, 1895
Hopkins, Livingston
This cartoon, labelled “The Yellow Trash Question”, reflects the prejudices of Australians who thought the country would be flooded by Chinese immigration.
Format: jpg | Size: 32 KB | Length: 400x507 | Date Added: 06 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Governor Arthur's Proclamation to the Aboriginies
National Library of Australia
Oil on wood cartoon, aimed at illustrating Governor Arthur's Proclamation on law and punishment to Indigenous people, was nailed up in the Tasmanian bush in 1828.
Format: jpg | Size: | Length: 245x334 | Date Added: 23 July 2002 | | VIEW |
  The South Sea Labour Trade
May, Phillip
An 1886 cartoon depicting a slave trader using coconuts as a lure to entice buyers for his "niggers".
The caption reads: “South Sea Island Trader: ‘Now gentlemen, give me a start. What shall we say for this ‘ere cocoanut – and the nigger thrown in? Five pounds only bid for this cocoanut. Five pounds; five o’ny; five – did I hear six? No advance; going at five; gone. Next nigger; I mean next cocoanut.’ ”
Format: jpg | Size: 48 KB | Length: 415x488 | Date Added: 30 December 2005 | | VIEW |
  "The Mongolian Octopus - his grip on Australia"
May, Phillip
Phillip May, Cartoon, The Bulletin, 21 Aug 1886
Format: jpg | Size: | Length: 598x453 | Date Added: 23 July 2002 | | VIEW |