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Emilio Russo's early years in Australia

Mara Moustafine and Emilio Russo.

Emilio Russo describes his early years in Australia



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13 February 2009


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I been in this country 55 years. I never had any trouble with anybody. I mix with everybody, I try to learn the language the best way I could. But I never had any trouble. And I think most of the ones they’re telling you that trouble, they been looking for. Yes. So, even now when I start to talk with some old friends, Russ or mine or something, oh the – I remember every year we went to Mildura for a trip and there was one Italian in – I think he was here roughly the same time when I come here, he say, “The police, they – are treating me like this, they..” I said, “Listen mate,” I said, “Why are the police treat you like that? Must have done something wrong because the police as far as I know, who is never do anything wrong to you unless you do something wrong first.”


And I remember – there used to be a dance in Moonee Ponds, not far away from here. They used to fight there every night, but why? Some stupid idiots used to go there, try to touch the girls, we said, “No.” You know, it’s stupid. Then they come.. “Oh they no good. The Australian no good.” No. If you act good everybody’s good, as far as I know.


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