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Emilio Russo's return to Italy in 1964

Mara Moustafine and Emilio Russo.

Emilio Russo describes the return to Italy in 1964, and the decision to come back to Australia for good



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13 February 2009


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I been – down in Perth to be Italian, to come from Italy. And I never, from that – (UNCLEAR 00:17) what I bought. But I become an Australian naturalised back – I can’t remember, 1976, or something. And proud to be an Australian. I like to be involved whatever is around. Especially in politics, not – I’m not literate man, but I still can understand. Now even they are – I can’t understand people being here 50 years or 60, go, “Ah no, no, no, I don’t give away much of my country, what for?” If my country would ever look after me, then the same


I mean, they didn’t send me out here. But they – if they were giving me a better chance to get a job over there, I wouldn’t come here. We are knocking anybody like to move from your country to another, but I had to.


I went back once, 1964. I stayed there for 15 months, that’s it. Decide to go back, was because I had my parents they’re still alive, and I promised them all the time that I go back one day. So that’s why I went. With idea that if everything would be alright, I would have stayed there and we stayed there 15 months. But when I start to work arrive, said, “No.” I said, come back again if it’s – and I never – people say, “Ah what if..” See I could have a job, because see when I used to work at the (UNCLEAR 01:58) six, seven weeks holidays every year, I could have a job many times, because had the time and the money, I never went back again.


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