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Role of the Police Ethnic liaison strategy

George Lekakis.

Victorian Multicultural Commission chair George Lekakis discusses the role of the Police Ethnic liaison strategy



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03 March 2009


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And then we needed to bring in a legislation that would compel government agencies to respond more positively. I must say I was lucky enough to stitch a good relationship with the chief commissioner of police at the time of my prior to my arrival, about 2 months prior to my arrival in this job, there was a Vietnamese police officer that left the force publicly on the basis of him being in his view discriminated in the police force. I wrote a letter which hit an editorial in The Age, Christine Nixon made comments about, ... the police force must reflect the community, we will increase recruitment, we will do this and we will do that.


And we had some good people working in Victoria Police like (UNCLEAR 00:59) and others that made all that policy reform occur, we got to know Christine, we co-chaired a police and multicultural communities sub-committee, very public, very open, very transparent, a lot of community representation, decisions about head gear, decisions about operation not operational criminal operational matters but matters concerning post September 11 and other matters, police were always involved in that, the rapport that was built up with new and emerging communities, a lot of meetings out with new and emerging communities including Africans and others, started to build up a momentum of relationships.


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