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Helen Light on emerging relationships between the various museums

Helen Light and Mara Moustafine.

Helen Light describes the emerging relationships between the various museums of the migrant experience and their future collaboration



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09 March 2009


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We did an exhibition at the Jewish Museum on the Jews and Italians of Carlton because there was a real transitional period when they were there together. It was very new, in terms of new – logical practice because we had a mainstream and two ethno specific organisations. And it was very, very interesting process as well as product. And then we’ve had another two projects: in 1998 there was an exhibition – there was an ICOM conference, International Council of Museums, conference in Melbourne. And the Museum Victoria and the National Gallery were both closed. So we formed a consortium of 20 museums and galleries including the Chinese Museum, the Koori Heritage Trust, the Holocaust Museum and ourselves, all of them. And some of the regional art galleries and the House Museum.


And we did an exhibition called, “The Australian Family.” Where we reflected on the family, all from our own perspectives. So what it – it’s always worked in terms of – we’ve done what – our own thing, but worked side by side in collaboration which is probably the best way a multicultural society works. Now we’ve got a consortium with the migration – Immigration Museum, the Chinese Museum, the Koori Heritage Trust and the Holocaust Museum and ourselves in terms of promoting multicultural cultural tourism. This is really a tourist thing it’s not – which is driving it and it recognises that the sorts of people who would be interested in one of our museums is the sort of person who may be interested in the other ones as well.


They’re the ones who are interested in cultural diversity or in cultural difference and so we feel it’s of our advantage and most of us – apart from the Immigration Museum, which is a campus of Museum Victoria, the rest of us are small. And the more we can work together, the better. And also, I mean, the overarching philosophical thing is that we better reflect a culturally diverse Victoria if we work together.


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