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Helen Light on mono cultural religious education

Helen Light and Mara Moustafine.

Helen Light worries about the tensions potentially generated by mono cultural religious education for a secular multicultural society



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10 March 2009


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I think single religious schools have again, theyíre important in terms of cultural continuity, but I do think there is a worry in terms of segregating people from other parts of a culturally diverse society. Although they seem to mix together when they come to unit. I find it difficult and Iíve been trying to wrestle with this and Ė because I do think itís worth preserving oneís cultural difference, but I think itís really important that we all live together too and itís getting the balance right. And we seem to have had it for a while but itís being threatened now.


The basis on which we operate our museum is that itís good to live in a culturally diverse society and that itís the only healthy way of living and I deeply believe that, but Iíve been questioning it because you canít just accept things, but I donít know any other way, I still deeply believe it and itís probably flawed and itís hard to achieve but I donít think thereís any other system that you can Ė is worth fighting for. And I think youíve just got to teach respect and in the end whether you learn in a single culture school or another culture, as long as you teach respect for difference, perhaps thatís the way to go. I mean it sounds motherhood stuff, but I donít have a simple answer.


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