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Steve Bracks on his legislation on Racial and Religious tolerance

Steve Bracks; Andrew Jakubowicz and Mara Moustafine.

Former premier Steve Bracks describes his legislation on Racial and Religious tolerance.



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10 March 2009


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... legitimate claim that was made, which it was actually proved in the courts, the remedy was always going to be a difficult issue and the remedy was something that was, Iím not sure itís even been resolved now but the point was made and I think the majority of Victorians would have accepted that the determination of that in the courts was legitimate and I think it was and it was not surprising that it came from that court.


I certainly donít think itís eroded support for the legislation. I think it hasnít hurt the establishment of that legislation, probably hasnít advanced it enormously, disputes and adversarial matters before the courts usually donít, but I think the important part of that legislation is knowing itís there. Knowing that it is remedy if required in some extreme circumstances and I think that is the benefit of it for the majority of people in the state.


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