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Serap Ozdemir about her family's re-immigration to Australia

Serap Ozdemir.

Serap Ozdemir tells the story of the return to Turkey, and the re-immigration to Australia that her family like many Turkish families, undertook.



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03 April 2009


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Dad was very – one of the few that actually came in that time to actually say, “No, I’m going to be living in Australia so that my children could have a good education.” He came quite determined to live in Australia. Whereas a lot of Turks that he spoke to on that plane – in fact he told me many years later that they wanted to come to Australia to work and save money and then go back. He in fact had a few arguments with  some of the Turks on that plane trip because he kept on saying, “No, if you make this decision, that’s going to be your new land and then you need to ensure your children get a good education if this is where you’re going to stay.”
Whereas, a lot of Turks always came with the notion that if they could live here for maybe five, three, five, seven years and have enough money, work their children, the whole family would work and take back the money that they would have a comfortable life. That was the thinking. And surprising enough, a lot of the others went back with that thinking. We went back with another thinking but the result was the same; we all came back again.