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Bernard Korbman on the second largest group of Jewish Holocaust survivors

Bernard Korbman and Mara Moustafine.



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16 April 2009


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We are an interesting museum in that we reflect a very unique branch of people and that is, the holocaust survivors who came to Australia. We had – or to Melbourne. We had the largest population of survivors per capita outside Israel and certainly the largest in terms of the Polish community. And our community mirrors the Polish community in pre-war Europe. We have the same fights between the same groups a happened before 1939. Their – our divisions are the same divisions. And this is very different to many others. So we are now becoming aware that – in terms of the cultural museum for those who come from overseas, a) they have an advantage because we have more survivor guides on the floor than anybody else taking people around, but these images can be seen anywhere.


But we’re starting to promote ourselves also as this unique museum that can show you this transition and a resilience of a society and how it mirrors the society it came from beforehand.


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