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Max Brandle.

Max Brandle sees the popularity of One Nation politician Pauline Hanson as having been primarily based on the fear for jobs among the lowest paid, rather than on racism.



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16 February 2006


Maximilian Brandle interviewed by Andrew Jakubowicz for MMA


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Pauline Hanson is a charismatic leader. And she attracted mainly the misfortunate sector of society, those on the lower pay echelons, in the not-so-attractive jobs, the people who're scared. I mean racism in Australian history has been largely conditioned by the fear of losing your working conditions, that the Asian labour - in the olden days - would undermine the conditions of the Australian working man. That's the history of it all, it's not really a colour issue as such…

But it was Pauline Hanson, she had this knack for understanding what a large group of people cherished, like nationalism - economic nationalism. But anyone with an education realises now that economic nationalism in the globalised world is no longer possible…

She did enormous amount of damage overseas to our image, because it was all interpreted incorrectly, falsely. It was interpreted that the average Australian person is a racist – this is totally untrue. Australians are as tolerant as anyone else around the world.