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  Christianity and multiculturalism
Mok, Jeannie
Jeannie Mok tells how she and her husband became involved in founding a congregation in Brisbane with a variety of language and ethnic groups.
Format: mov | Size: 3.8 MB | Length: 2 min 19 s | Date Added: 16 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Mosque attack, September 2001
Abdalla, Mohammed
Mohammed Abdalla recalls the arson attack on his mosque in the wake of 9/11 and how the community turned this destructive act into a way of building bridges with the wider community.
Format: mov | Size: 4.4 MB | Length: 3 min 30 s | Date Added: 16 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Quiet Revolution (Excerpt)
Lippmann, Walter
This is a documentary excerpt from Walter Lippmann, convenor and first chairman of the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, Speaking about inaugural meeting in July 1974, from the Quiet revolution.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 26 secs | Date Added: 03 June 2002 | | VIEW |
  Quiet Revolution (Excerpt)
Wran, Neville
Premier Neville Wran of NSW, speaking in the early 1980s about the Ethnic Communities Councils.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 20 secs | Date Added: 03 June 2002 | | VIEW |
  Seeking for harmony and understanding
Abdalla, Mohammed
Mohammed Abdalla, assistant Imam of the Kuraby Mosque in Brisbane, tells about the many ethnic origins of those who make up the mosque community.
Format: mov | Size: 2.5 MB | Length: 2 min 16 s | Date Added: 16 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Vietnamese Buddhists then and now
Channel 7
Vietnamese New Year service in 1979. In 2005, another religious service this time marking 30 years of Vietnamese settlement in Queensland.
Format: mov | Size: 6.3 MB | Length: 1 min 06 s | Date Added: 16 February 2006 | | VIEW |