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Importance of language as a part of immigrant rights

Joe Caputo.

Joe Caputo stresses the importance of language as part of immigrant rights while discussing the 1974 Migrant Workers' Conference



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17 February 2009


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We moved those things to the education area, there a migrant education conference in 1974, which took up the issues of community languages, languages other than English etcetera because until then the – there were foreign languages spoken in Australian schools, but primarily were French, German, it was only –after that sort of movement that a lot of the community languages were taken up as a serious component of the Australian education.

There were lots of other individuals that were involved in this community languages movement, in terms of education, there are not just sort of recent arrived immigrants, in the education fields, you get people like Bill Hannan who later became the chairperson of the Education Commission in Victoria. You know, Bill is a third generation Irish-Australian. So there’s lots of people, not just recent immigrants who got involved in these sort of issues, there were people from different backgrounds who had been here for many generations.