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Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) and the ALP

Hakan Akyol.

Hakan Akyol discusses the relationship between the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) and the ALP



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17 February 2009


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I dont think its a case of one or the other, I think its a combination of both. I mean, some of those ethnic community leaders and communities or individuals thinking well, in terms of to be part of that process and have a say and have a political representation and sort of have a greater say in not only (UNCLEAR 00:26) of a grass roots, developmental and lobbying that, was a natural progression sort of, the moving to the political arena and obviously some of them (UNCLEAR 00:35) etcetera and so that influence helped facilitate that. But that was also a reflection of what was happening in the community as well in terms of that greater awareness and understanding of what the systems and processes were and so so whether there were or not sort of political participation in the sort of, the membership ranks or the voting ranks it was a genuine because some of that sort of developments of multiculturalism etcetera in Victoria as well, in a support for cultural diversity and festivals etcetera, was sort of stimulated by its sort of national policies as well and so lobbying by some of those political some of those ethnic leaders, the Walter Lippmanns of the world with, you know, the Whitlam Government and the Fraser Government so a large development of that. I mean its certainly their involvement in the political arena and the fact that they were a relatively large proportion of the community, would have meant that by any notion, wherever that sort of developed would have an influence on the political agenda.


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