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Joe Caputo about the struggle against the rise of One Nation Party

Joe Caputo.

Joe Caputo describes the grass roots struggle against the rise of the One Nation party



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01 March 2009


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We were if you like, quite immune from that because we – we thought that there was, you know, there was almost not even fully understanding what Hanson, you know, meant and what have you. Because we couldn’t see it at the local level. So much so that for example, when the One Nation wanted to hold a public meeting in Coburg, many of us became aware and we actually rang – you know, we contacted the council and said, “No, you don’t – you’re not allowed to hold it, because this will cause problems in our community.” Maybe we should have allowed it.


But there was not even a single complaint against it, you know, whereas in other communities, you would have had people – would have got up in arms and would have – you know there would have been a lot of conflicts about freedom of speech and all that sort of stuff. In the case of our area, people did not even –there was not a single person who actually said, “No we should have held that meeting.”


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