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Hakan Akyol about the strategies of the ECCV in relation to Howard

Hakan Akyol.

Hakan Akyol describes the strategies of the ECCV in relation to Prime Minister Howard



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01 March 2009


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And at the time that the Kennett Government came in they brought in considerable cuts overall, because of the deficit that they said they had to deal with so, there was a whole range of program areas etcetera cut. And including to a certain extent, advocacy organisations receive lots of funding so there was a – quite a lot of decimation in that regard as well, in terms of social welfare advocate organisations.


But having said that, in the eight years that I was there with the Ethnic Committees Council, which from ’93 to ’99, obviously was where the Kennett period was, the ECCV’s funding actually increased from the state government, not necessarily the core grant remained relatively small, by certainly New South Wales or national standards in terms of FECA but in terms of the ECCV’s actually draw in project funding and other sort of funding from other government departments with – Victorian Government as it was – increased probably about six, seven fold, from a very low base but it expanded quite considerably.


Kennett was very strong on multiculturalism and immigration, he was probably one of the first leaders that came out against Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech. And made very strong statements there.


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