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Bernard Korbman on the Holocaust Museum and the Jewish Museum

Bernard Korbman and Mara Moustafine.



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16 April 2009


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The relationship is a close one, we have a memorandum of understanding, within the Jewish community and we work on joint projects together like education projects and so on. Some members of the Jewish community think we should join, just those in Sydney. Others think we shouldn’t and I’m one of those who’s a very, very strong believer in maintaining our independence because the main reason is, that if we join the Jewish Museum, I’m frightened that we will become part of only part of Jewish history. Part of a 3000 year history and eventually the holocaust will be lost.


And I believe that because the holocaust is an issue that is one for all of humanity because others were the perpetrators and others were bystanders, that if we stand alone and are inclusive of other people who have suffered genocide in the way we tell our story, we maintain our integrity as the Jewish Holocaust Museum. But are inclusive in being able to help other communities, then I think we play a much greater role for Australian society.


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