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George Lekakis on multicultural policy

George Lekakis.

Victorian Multicultural Commission chair George Lekakis describes the focus of multicultural policy



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03 March 2009


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When you have a very strong government that talks about multicultural affairs and the need to capture that area and make the most of it and support our communities, well that needs to be translated into budgetary outcomes and policy outcomes. We were able then to garner support for some of our ideas and one was to have an independent commission within the context of both policy and making decisions about grants and allocations and and we were able to marry notions of community engagement with multicultural policy, set out a set of principles about what multiculturalism is about and what it means to people, about their own cultural identity and their heritage and then bring about a government response to that, by obliging government departments to detail what they do in terms of multicultural affairs, right down to distributing a brochure in 20 languages about Crime Stoppers.


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