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Concetta Benn on Italian families of pre-war Australia

Concetta Benn.

Concetta Benn discusses the Italian families of pre-war Australia



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27 March 2009


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Itís quite interesting the way Italian families cluster, is the best way I can put it, that when I was young and growing up, the only Italians I ever saw were family, or related, or in some way related. For instance: my mother grew up with the woman who was the wife of Masoni (sp?) the big restaurateur and that gave us a whole different connection because we had her family as part of our family sort of thing. So we didnít see many Italians who werenít part of our immediate family or related to us and I think thatís so, in many Italian families so that when I got to CO.AS.IT, I was expected to know half the people who were there, who were all people round the Carlton area and of course, I didnít, I didnít know Ė I knew all their names and if I thought long enough I could try and I was related to half of them.


You know, we tended to Ė see even holidays, picnics and things I could remember enormous picnics by the seaside but it was mostly family, our family, or the family from Masoniís and their familyís family, that sort of thing. So outside that grouping, I didnít know a lot of Italians until I joined, CO.AS.IT.


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