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  An Office for Multicultural Affairs
Nihas, Vasiliki
Vasiliki Nihas talks about the Office of Multicultural Affairs from the beginning.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 25 secs | Date Added: 18 July 2002 | | LISTEN |
  Conservative Multiculturalism - Interview for Making Multicultural Australia (Excerpt)
Zubrzycki, Jerzy
Professor Jerzy Zubrzycki discusses cultural diversity and the Ethnic Affairs Council impact on issues.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 37 secs | Date Added: 25 June 2002 | | LISTEN |
  Multiculturalism in practice Victoria
Sheppard, Gary
An Interview with Gary Sheppard speaking on the change of the government.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 61 secs | Date Added: 18 July 2002 | | LISTEN |
  State Government Initiatives
Themal, Uri
Uri Themal discusses The Bureau of Ethnic Affairs.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 27 secs | Date Added: 26 June 2002 | | LISTEN |
  State government initiatives
Totaro, Paolo
Dr Paolo Totaro speaks about the Ethnic Affairs Commission and how other people saw the role of the Commission.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 1min 44sec | Date Added: 17 July 2002 | | LISTEN |
  The end of white Australia
Young, Mick
Mick Young talks about the White Australia Policy.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 10 secs | Date Added: 17 July 2002 | | LISTEN |
  The Labor Party in Power
Arena, Franca
Franca Arena, Member of the NSW Legislative Council, tells of the election.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 15 secs | Date Added: 26 June 2002 | | LISTEN |
  The New Labor Agenda
Castles, Stephen
Professor Stephen Castles gives his view on Hawke and multiculturalism.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 31 secs | Date Added: 26 June 2002 | | LISTEN |
  The New Labor Agenda
Theophanous, Andrew
Dr Andrew Theophanous speaks on cultural diversity, and the Whitlam, Fraser and early Hawke periods where this was essentially the focus.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 44 secs | Date Added: 26 June 2002 | | LISTEN |