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  From Saigon to Sydney
Williams, Indigo
A story of growing up in Australia post-Vietnam War as an adopted Vietnamese child in a non-Asian family in Sydney.
Format: doc | Size: 97 Kb | Length: 5 pages | Date Added: 21 April 2004 | | VIEW |
  Impact of restrictive legislation
Woodford, Charles
Letter on the effects of the Pacific Islanders Act on the Solomon Islands from C. Woodford (Commissioner Western Pacific) to A. Barton (Prime Minister), 28 November 1901.
Format: pdf | Size: 396 KB | Length: 3 pages | Date Added: 19 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Letter to friends and supporters of BIMPR
Cope, Bill
The last Director of the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research, Bill Cope, hails the Bureau's work as he expresses his regret at its impending closure in 1996.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 29 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Letter to Prime Minister Hawke
Passaris, Jack
A letter from the acting chairperson of the NSW Ethnic Communities’ Council in 1988 to the Prime Minister informing him of a public meeting that was held on the question of the Equal Disappointment Opportunity? report, which called for its publication and distribution.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Letter to the Federated Ironworkers’ Association
Calwell, Arthur
This letter in 1949 to the Federated Ironworkers’ Association gives the union assurances that the use of immigrant labour should be no threat to Australian workers; quoted in "Labour and Immigration", a seminar paper given by Dr Andrew Markus.
Format: pdf | Size: 147K | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 25 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Review of Australia’s Immigration Policies - Message from the Minister
Young, Mick
A letter from the Minister for Immigration Mick Young, sent to community organisations in 1987, along with information on government immigration policy and on the FitzGerald inquiry to encourage them to participate in the consultations of the review.
Format: pdf | Size: 278K | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |