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  Arnold Zable describes the Bund and SKIF, and post-Holocaust development of the Jewish community
Moustafine, Mara and Zable, Arnold
Format: mov | Size: 11.5 MB|360x286 | Length: 04min25sec | Date Added: 15 April 2009 | | VIEW |
  Carlo Carli on Brunswick in the 1960s
Carli, Carlo and Moustafine, Mara
Carlo Carli, now Brunswick state MP, remembers the place when he was young in the 1960s.
Format: mov | Size: 6.8 MB|360x286 | Length: 02min38sec | Date Added: 06 April 2009 | | VIEW |
  Ethnic groups join forces
Xynias, Nick
Nick Xynias tells about the way the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland came to be.
Format: mov | Size: 3.5 MB | Length: 2 min 12 s | Date Added: 15 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Office for Multicultural Affairs
Shergold, Peter
Dr Peter Shergold, Foundation Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, looks at the role of the Office, and ethnic support.
Format: mov | Size: | Length: 34 secs | Date Added: 06 June 2002 | | VIEW |
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Film Australia
Segment on the Central Australian language group Pintubi from the film Pintubi made in 1965, used in "The Way We Really Were", ABC Documentary Unit, broadcast Jan 1990.
Format: mov | Size: 24K | Length: ? m ? s | Date Added: 10 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  The experience of wartime internment
Merenda, Francesca
Francesca Merenda tells of her childhood in northern Queensland and of the shock of being interned during the Second World War at the age of 18.
Format: mov | Size: 19.2 MB | Length: 4 min 32 s | Date Added: 15 February 2006 | | VIEW |